Helping Buyers to Buy

This might sound like a strange topic! But it is very relevant to getting you sold. Buyers these days want to communicate with the agent in a variety of different ways. They might choose text message, email, Facebook, Messenger, Landline, Internet enquiry via real estate portal, or Internetenquiry via the agency website. Buyers often try to make contact after hours as that is when they have time to do their online searches. To maximisebuyer enquiry, will your agent:

  • Be available by phone to discuss your property until late every day?
  • Be available to show your property most weekend days and after 5pm weekdays?
  • Respond to Facebook and text messages promptly?
  • Be able to communicate (if required) an entire offer and acceptance by email or message?

A Proven Track Record and Referrals

Ask around. Who are people using? Who is getting good results? How long are agents taking to sell properties? Who provides great customer service? Who will keep you in the loop? Who do you trust?

Getting Value for Money

Ask your agent to detail their expenses and what the marketing fees cover. Sometimes this is not made clear at the outset and you can spend a lot of money with no result.