Making the Decision to Sell

The decision to sell is sometimes very clear and easy to make. If this is you, jump to the next section: Choosing your agent. If the decision is not so clear-cut, however, please read on.

The decision to sell is nearly always emotional or momentous, and it is usually either exciting, stressful, or sad. Unless you are an investor, selling a property is usually associated with one of life's momentous stages. First Home, Upgrade or Upsize, Divorce or separation, Downsizing, Employment, Birth of Grandchildren, Travel, City/Tree/Sea Change, Financial Stress, Sickness, Age, Death of a partner or a parent. Decisions can therefore get made in a rush, and without considering all factors. At Crackerjack, we are available to help with this decision. Our advice is based on all the factors you tell us and sometimes, we might even suggest to you that selling is not the best option. Here are some of the external factors to take into account when thinking about selling.

  • Costs - There are selling costs to take into account. agency commission and marketing, legal fees, stamp duty on the house you are buying, and initial costs to prepare your house for sale. Some agents charge you quite high marketing fees during the selling period and in some circumstances, these fees can continue for quite some time without achieving a sale. To avoid wasting money, it is very important to get the selling price right at the outset and to choose your agent wisely - more about that later.
  • Effort - Preparing your house for sale can involve upfront repairs and presentation expenses, along with plenty of effort on your part. Again, for this reason, it is important to get the selling price range right at the outset or you may incur those costs again later on if your property hasn't sold in the shorter term.
  • Renovate vs Sell - this can be a major determining factor for those seeking an upgrade or upsize to suit their circumstances. Crackerjack can help you to determine whether you are better off renovating or extending your existing home.