How to Achieve Top Price for Your Property


How to Achieve Top Price for Your Property

So you’ve decided to sell the house. And you’re not going to give it away, right? You want the best price you can get!

That’s perfectly understandable! Every property owner has the right to try to achieve the best possible result available. A variety of factors will come into play when you attempt to maximise the return on the sale of your home. These can include choice of agent, timing, quality of marketing, negotiation skills, market forces and more. This article focuses on presentation, and why it is so vital.

I’ve often heard Vendors say that buyers will just have to look past any shortcomings and appreciate the property for itself. Some buyers can do that. But that approach is less likely to generate the buyer’s emotional attachment needed to attract the best offers. Not just that: poor presentation is almost certain to lose you money.

If you are able to put extra effort into the level of presentation it can increase the perceived value of your property. Sometimes price records even get broken! Not everybody has the knack to do this without some assistance. However everybody vendor has the right to be able to access good advice as to how to get presentation just right for sale.

Let’s investigate!

There are actually three main reasons why great presentation makes such a difference to the end result. You might be surprised to learn that sell price is not the first!

Reason One: Create the Desire to Inspect – with professional photos.

The first and very important reason is to get buyers to really want to see your home. After all, if nobody inspects, how can they make an offer? You create this desire through the quality of the photos. This means that photos form a major part of the presentation effort. Buyers tend to first see your property represented through the photos available online. This means that quality photos reflect the level of presentation you have gone to. Photos are the culmination of all your hard work.

Amateur photography can often result in ugly photos, and ugly photos work against your ultimate goal of best price. They can insult your home. They may let your overall presentation down or they may stop people from asking to inspect your home. They may not be effective in creating the desire to inspect. This means that the first opportunity to create an emotional impact gets lost.

We strongly suggest that you research your prospective agent and compare ability, and costs to photograph professionally.

Reason Two: Create the Desire to Buy

This is usually achieved at the inspection stage. Sometimes, though, a buyer has already decided to love your home because of its pictorial advertising. If emotional attachment was already made online, it makes the makes the next stages so much easier!

Reason Three: Encourage the Best Offers

The third reason for effective presentation is the sell price. The best price will come if the presentation style already generated an emotional attachment as well as competition among buyers. Then, it’s up to the right agent to use this advantage to negotiate the outcome (more about this in a later blog).

So, how do you achieve this level of presentation?

Sometimes vendors find it hard to accept that even your own personal furnishings might have a bearing on how a buyer might perceive the property. But this is absolutely the case. Sometimes, just a few new cushions and a window clean might be needed. Other times, it’s a bit more involved than that. Aim to do what is needed to achieve a result within your budgetary constraints.

As I’ve said already, buying a house is usually an emotional process and buyers can be distracted (in a good way) by beautiful presentation. This will further cement the emotional attachment that they felt when they looked online, or walked up the path to the front door. Once inside, your furnishings and other components help to cement this emotional attachment.

Remember: quality presentation can have yet another benefit: the eye is drawn naturally to colour and beauty. This can also make some of the less desirable aspects of your home that you can’t change less objectionable: for example: a lower ceiling.

Even hardened real estate agents can be affected by great presentation! They will sometimes even come up with a better estimate of the home’s value! If that happens to agents, think what it can do to buyers! As professionals, we agents might say that we are able look past any shortcomings. That is true! We are people too though. Sometimes even we can see more value in a house that is presented to perfection.

Having said that, an exceptional agent should be able to work with you on getting the presentation just right. This should start when they first see your home.

The agent should be able to help you to determine where and how much to invest and on what projects. Their aim should be to maximise your potential net result. If you use the right agent she has the potential to save you money. For example, helping you to decide which items to improve or update with a focus on not making unnecessary changes. We help you to decide that and we try to help you avoid the risk of over-capitalising.

Sometimes your agent makes suggestions to you regarding removing or replacing some of your personal items. Please don’t take this as a criticism on the way you live or the quality of your belongings. It is simply their expert knowledge, that certain things presented in certain ways will impact on the impression a buyer has. That impression will relate directly to their offer to purchase. If an agent suggests that you don’t need to do anything at all to enhance your property for sale, they quite possibly are not the agent for you. An exceptional agent will go the effort of making a list, or going through your home with you, and make even very small recommendations every step of the way.

There are generic presentation tips available on most agent websites. At Crackerjack, we like to personalise ours to suit your property.

We will spend the time to ensure that you have the ideas and the help you may need to present to your property’s best advantage.

Please feel free to call in or contact us to obtain a Presentation Perfect tips sheet, or to arrange a private and individualised consultation. We pass on our expertise free to our vendors.

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