At Crackerjack, we provide a thorough assessment of your property when we meet with you to discuss pricing and sale options. Once you are a Crackerjack client, we can provide you with a detailed assessment prepared for your specific property. Our general property presentation tips are below.

The way most of us live in our homes is not necessarily going to have the best appeal to others when we are selling our homes. The stark reality is that homes that are presented more like Display Homes will have the most appeal and they will attract more money. It might feel like an inconvenience, to pack up all the cluttery trinkets and trophies and papers and books: but this is necessary. Here are some of the more general truths about selling:

  • Light = Size = $$$

    Humans respond to light. It implies space and warmth. People pay more for space.

    • All blinds and curtains should be drawn open
    • All lights should be on and working for inspections
    • Wall colours should be light to maximise a sense of space
    • Trees blocking light should be pruned or removed
  • Space = Size = $$$

    Too much furniture will make your rooms appear small. Remove excess furniture.

  • Cleanliness = Appeal = $$$

    xDust, cobwebs, grime, mould are detractors. They make a house feel unloved and unwelcoming. People respond to cleanliness. They will say: it's lovely and clean. Never mind that they can clean it when they move in. They like it clean now. People pay more for clean.

  • Maintenance = No work to do = $$$

    Unless they are looking for a renovation opportunity, buyers do NOT want to be fixing tap washers, painting fences, re-grouting tiles, replacing carpets or curtains or fixing the spouting. If a buyer walks into your home and sees an obvious job that needs doing, they will spend the rest of their time looking for all the other things that need doing. They will start talking themselves out of buying your home. They may not even consider offering less, because they don't want to do the work. Despite what so many people think, buyers do not want to "choose their own carpet colour" or "replace their own kitchen bench". You are presenting an entire home for sale. Remove the objections. Kitchens and bathrooms are the most important and influential rooms in a buyer's decision to buy. Replacing old appliances and benchtops or even re-doing the kitchen will often result in you doubling the money you spend. Speak to Crackerjack about what your kitchen and bathrooms can do for your sale price.

    Replace or clean: stained or worn carpets; dirty or cracked windows and fly screens; broken tiles, broken shower screen doors; cracked plaster; broken or tired kitchen appliances; dodgy door handles. If you plan to use paint to freshen up before selling, ensure that you: do enough coats; cut in carefully; don't paint over hinges; choose neutral; repair cracks and holes before painting over; don't paint over rot or to conceal major defects. There are many more tips and we have a comprehensive list for you as a Crackerjack client.

    The front of your home - lawns, gardens, gutters, driveway are the first thing that is seen when a buyer arrives. Make this beautiful, for photography, for buyers and for your sale price. Crackerjack can advise what to do to minimise spend and maximise appeal.

  • Neutral = Appeal = $$$

    Striped feature walls, bright orange bathrooms and dolphin toilet seats might be to your liking: but when selling, neutral has the most appeal. Just as with maintenance, when you are selling you need to be catering to the majority. Buyers will not be as kind about your odd tastes in decor as your friends might have been. Breath in and replace. It's not going to be your home for much longer, so best get on with it with a grin.