Here are some factors to consider in the selection process:

  • Arriving at an advertised sale price
    • Agents should be able to support their suggested sale price with local and recent sale histories of other properties
    • The suggested sale price should not be based on what you NEED to have to spend to buy your next property. The reality almost always ends up the other way around. You sell at the market rate - that is, what the market is prepared to offer you. If it is quite clear from the initial process when considering whether to sell or not, that you most likely won't be able to afford to buy what you want based on sales facts - then you may need to decide to stay or adjust your expectations for the next property
    • At Crackerjack, we usually propose a price range that is based on fact but leaves room for you to achieve a sale price at a higher level. Our price ranges are not "capped": that is, if there is a buyer prepared to pay more than the upper end, then we have the skills to negotiate a buyer to that level.
    • An agent who simply asks you what you want and advertises at the price you want, without educating you as to the historical results, is not doing you any favours. You are likely to be on the market for many months and end up selling at a lower price anyway after paying marketing fees all that time.
  • Promoting your Property.

    Current day real estate sales are almost all done via online advertising. The days of walking into a real estate office and asking what they have for sale and being driven around in a fancy Fairlane are long-gone. Buyers are smart and informed. They expect to be able to short-list properties of interest online. Quality, pictoral property promotion is therefore paramount. It has the ability to set your property apart and get it noticed among the crowd. To maximise this opportunity, your agent should be able to provide the following at the very least (and at Crackerjack, this is what we do with every single property):

    • Professional photos taken at both twilight and daytime
    • A floorplan - this is a very popular feature and buyers love them
    • Open house opportunity at least for the first 2 weeks of the sale campaign
    • The opportunity to advertise in the local paper to attract those who don't shop online or impulse buyers
    • Social media advertising of your property
    • A Feature property listing on for at least the first 4 weeks of the campaign
  • Helping Buyers to Buy

    This might sound like a strange topic! But it is very relevant to getting you sold. Buyers these days want to communicate with the agent in a variety of different ways. They might choose text message, email, Facebook, Messenger, Landline, Internet enquiry via real estate portal, or Internet enquiry via the agency website. Buyers often try to make contact after hours as that is when they have time to do their online searches. To maximise buyerenquiry, will your agent:

    • Be available by phone to discuss your property until late every day?
    • Be available to show your property most weekend days and after 5pm weekdays?
    • Respond to Facebook and text messages promptly?
    • Be able to communicate (if required) an entire offer and acceptance by email or message?
  • A Proven Track Record and Referrals

    Ask around. Who are people using? Who is getting good results? How long are agents taking to sell properties? Who provides great customer service? Who will keep you in the loop? Who do you trust?

  • Getting Value for Money

    Ask your agent to detail their expenses and what the marketing fees cover. Sometimes this is not made clear at the outset and you can spend a lot of money with no result.